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For MegaChem, sustainability means aligning economic success with environmental and social responsibility. We recognize the need to manage not only corporate and financial performance but also the environmental and social impact of our business.

1. Health, Safety and Environment

We take pride in our commitment to maintain high level of health, safety and environmental protection (“HSE”) standards. They are the foundations of trust that our people, customers and vendors place in us.  We therefore aim to achieve uncompromised level of HSE standards in our plants, products and processes. Our plants are built to meet stringent regulatory requirements in relation to HSE and our processes are designed with features to reduce HSE risk. Material Safety and Data Sheets detailing HSE measures are available for all products that we handle.

The framework for our HSE management is modeled after international standards.  We have attained international certification such as the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification and are now a member of the Responsible Care Program. We have also received several Responsible Care Awards for attaining excellence in meeting international HSE standards from the Singapore Chemical Industry Councils.

Our efforts to protect the environment also includes reducing paper consumption, paper recycling, reducing electricity consumption and adopting proper chemical waste treatment methods.

2. Sustainable Human Capital

MegaChem is influenced by the effects of demographic changes worldwide. The rising life expectancy, shrinking and aging population represent special challenges for companies’ human resources management. We at MegaChem have an important role to play in mastering the demographic challenges of the future. By the way in which we address these challenges, we can shape the social environment in which we operate while at the same time securing competitive advantages. Sustaining our human capital therefore becomes critical for us to achieve our long term goals.

With a view to maintaining the employability of our workforce, increased focus is placed on preventive health care. Regular health screening examinations and a wide range of sporting activities are examples of what we do to positively influence employees’ health.

Competition for talent will also become more intensified as well with the changing demographics. MegaChem’s human resource management adopts a holistic approach that not only provides tangible rewards but also intangibles such as work-life balance practices, education sponsorship, continuous training and upgrading as well as flexible work schedule. These initiatives are also aimed at prolonging the employability of our employees. 

3. Community

At MegaChem, we recognize that businesses have a part to play in nation-building especially in providing assistance to people who are less fortunate than others. As such we work closely with charitable organizations in finding ways for us to contribute to society. These come not just in the form of monetary contribution but also in committing time and efforts in these organization’s activities. Annually MegaChem visits several charitable homes during which we make monetary contribution as well as providing basic necessities to them. We also participate annually in several fund-raising events and in blood donations.